Aissa Ereñeta is a development professional who works with communities all over the Philippines on programs and projects related to public education, sexual and reproductive health, and gender-based violence. She studied political economy at a university whose deeply conservative administration does not appreciate her views on gender roles, sex, contraception, marriage, divorce, LGBTQ+ rights, and secularism.

Alice Sarmiento scrapes by as an art writer who makes clothes on occasion. She is finishing her MA in Museum Studies at the University of the Philippines.

Cat Cortes is a Filipino-Singaporean. Born in Manila, Cat resides in Singapore where she works in the non-profit sector. Feminism is at the core of her work and existence. For Cat, the abolishment of existing institutional prejudices and social inequalities is the only way humanity will ever stand a chance against alien invasion. She enjoys writing and mentioning alien invasions whenever she can. When not worrying about the state of human inequality, she sings and pens songs for her band, Arigato, Hato!.

Chiara Cui

Corinna Pettyjohn

Feanne is an artist specializing in detailed illustration work inspired by natural history and mysticism. She is currently focusing on surface, pattern, and print design, especially for fabric. Her art can be viewed online on her art portfolio and Instagram @feanne. She is actively interested in healthy living, responsible technology, and social justice. She also enjoys singing— mostly old songs– and web coding.

Glenda Ollero

Jika Regala

Joelle Jacinto

Marla Darwin

Sandra Dans is a photographer and visual artist living and working in Metro Manila. Her work can be seen at

Sarah Tan 

Regina Layug-Rosero has been an active participant in Philippine advocacy and media circles since 2009 as one of the founders of the Mulat Pinoy social media project under the Probe Media Foundation. She has also been an active writer/editor and public relations specialist since 2001. She blogs here.

This section will be updated as our contributor bios come in.


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